Production program

Forging production

Our forging plant produces closed die forgings weighing from 0.5 kg to 12 kg, with an annual capacity of 10 thousand tons. We process a variety of steels, including bearing, carbon, alloy, structural and stainless steels.

Steel suppliers come from both domestic and foreign markets, including MS Trinec, Swisssteel, Ovako, GmH, Arcelor Mittal and Valbruna.

Technological processes and services

We offer a wide range of heat treatments such as normalisation, isothermal annealing, spheroidization annealing, quenching and tempering and controlled cooling. Surface treatment includes shot blasting. Forgings are inspected by metallography, flux and hardness measurements.

We provide complex services for closed die forgings manufacturing, including process simulation. We have our own tooling department for the production of complete forging tools.

Examples of our products

Linear bearing

Forging for linear bearings providing movement in CNC machines.


The hub of a car wheel.

Bearing ring

Truck front axle bearing.


Forging for automatic DSG transmissions of cars.





Bearing ring

Bearing ring




Our company owns the following production facilities

Material sawing

2x Disc sawing machine

Forging lines

4x Press LZK1600t (from 0,5 kg to 3,5 kg, max. 165 mm)
2x Press LZK2500t (from 3,5 kg to 12 kg, max. 210 mm)

Heat treatment

3x Sferoidic annealing furnaces
1x AICHELIN heat treatment line
1x Continuously quenching and tempering line

Surface treatment

3x Shot blasting machine

Induction heating with constant temperature control is used to heat the material.

Types of heat treatment of forgings:


Normalisation (N)


Isothermal annealing (IA)


Spheroidization annealing (GKZ)


Quenching and Tempering (QT)


Controlled cooling (BY)

Each forging is subjected to a final quality control and then packed according to the customer's requirements.

Forging process development and tooling manufacturing

We provide complex forging process development services, including forging simulation.
We use the latest software in these activities.

CAD system - SolidEdge (volume modelling)

CAM system - EdgeCAM (production technology creation)

Simulation of forming - Simufact Forming

We produce forging tools in our own tooling department on CNC machines.

3x machining centres (DMG, TOS)

3x lathes (YCM, ZPS)

Axiom 3D control


Our company holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and certification for the automotive industry IATF 16949.

The quality system covers the entire production process from material procurement, through continuous production control to output inspection before shipment. To ensure the quality inspection of the entire process, we are equipped with the appropriate technology.


Dimensions: 3D Axiom

Hardness: Brinell

Magnatest: Foerster

Magnetoflux: Tiede

Our laboratory

Metalography: EcoMet, MEIJI TECHNO

Materials: Spectrocast, Delta

Analysis of input material

Analysis of the forging structure

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